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Flipping Shopping Catalog

Vivid software creates page flipping shopping catalog!

    Flipping Shopping Catalog is a convenient digital catalog maker with applying Flash page flipping effect. The powerful Flipping Shopping Catalog provides various page edit tools for you to insert images, sounds, videos, links and YouTube. And especially, the software enables you to add Flash price, pop up photo slideshows, order buttons, shopping carts and many other shopping images. Use the powerful and vivid software to build Flash shopping catalog now!
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Flash Player 10.0+

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1. Edit Shopping Cart:




In Flipping Shopping Catalog, every page can be added with different contents, such as: text, price, pop up photos, buttons from resources, links, videos, images, sounds, flashes, YouTube and printable areas. Furthermore, the shortcut keys like: delete, undo, redo, and zoom in and out accelerate to make flash catalog.



2. Easy Marketing Online:



Flipping Shopping Catalog is perfect software to help you easy sell goods online. You can design your catalog with goods shelf, the Flipping Shopping Catalog will help to add shopping items for your goods, like vivid Flash style price, detail instruction textbox, pop up photo slideshow, and different functional buttons and shopping carts, etc.. The Flipping Shopping Catalog will make online marketing an easy thing.


3. Customizable Skins:




You can customize unique skin for your Flash shopping book in Flipping Shopping Catalog. There are many different pre-designed templates and themes, you can take the themes to decorate your books directly, or design your style skin with dozens of settings. Change background image, set toolbar color, define book features, totally design your book to more special and stunning.



4. Visible on PC, Mac and Mobile Devices:




The flash catalog can be output to different formats in Flipping Shopping Catalog: HTML, Zip, Exe, App and the mobile version. You can create flipbooks in HTML and mobile version, after publishing your book online, all the users of PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone and Android-powered mobile devices can easy visit your published book.



5. Textual Search:



Want to make your book more friendly and considerate to read?

Flipping Shopping Catalog provides textual search function for readers easily find out their interested pages. It's very easy to enable this feature, you just need to check the "Enable Search" in Import interface and show the search button on toolbar while designing template, then users can use the search tool in your flash catalog.



6. Multiple and switchable Toolbar Languages:



In Flipping Shopping Catalog, the toolbar can be customized, and more incredible thing is that the toolbar languages can be chosen, edited and switched. To make your book easy read by different languages speakers, you can use the Language Edit feature in Flipping Shopping Catalog, choose language types you want to show for the book tips, you can even add and edit other language as you want.



7. Email and Social Share:



Want to get more readers or customers?

Flipping Shopping Catalog would help you. The flash catalog from the software has powerful share function. You can email the exe or zip format book to friends. And readers can do so. Besides, once you upload the html format book, people can social share to their Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, Yahoo and Google, etc.



8. Password Protection:




The Flipping Shopping Catalog provides encryption function for you to protect created shopping catalogs and prevent unauthorized accessing. Apply the security password to protect your whole catalog or just allow people to read before pages, then people need to input correct password to read your book.



9. Google Analytics Integrated:




In Flipping Shopping Catalog, you can enable Google Analytics to monitor visiting data of your published shopping catalogs. You can track the geographical and language-speaking distribution of your visitors, get exactly number of new visitors, know the specific pages they visit the most and the source of Referrals. Use the effective analyzed report to create more popular catalogs.



10. Benefit on Flipping Shopping Catalog:





  • One-time Fee, Free Upgrading;
  • 30 Days Money-back Guarantee;
  • None recessive consumption;
  • Free royalties




1. Operations in Importation:


(1). Import Adobe@ PDF files to single convert or batch convert;

(2). Import all pages, custom pages or quick import 10 pages to preview;

(3). Select the size and quality for the flash catalog;

(4). Import image or SWF as watermark;

(5). Import bookmark from original PDF flie;

(6). Preserve links and they can be clicked to the connected pages;

(7). Enable search to the text search settings for readers;

(8). Detect wide pages so that the page can be in fit size as portrait or landscape.

2. Multiple Output Formats:


(1). HTML: the html format flash catalog can be uploaded to online view;

(2). ZIP: Convenient to email to friends with zip formats flash catalog;

(3). EXE: Exe format is specialized for offline view flipping flash catalog;

(4). APP: App format flash catalog is executable application can be run on Mac;

(5). Mobile Version: mobile version can be viewed in single pages on iPad, iPhone, iTouch and Android-power mobile devices;

(6). Burn to CD: copy the flash catalog to a disk and then can be viewed on PC via physical media.


3. Eition of Shopping Cart:


(1). Various Insertions:

Insert Links, Movies, Image, Sounds, Flash, Buttons, YouTubes and Area to Print in flipping flash catalog.

(2). Functional Decorations:

Text: write in words or sentences to explain your products of the flipping book shopping catalog;

Price: Easily add striking price button, and colors and definite price can be changed;

Pop up Photos: embed the photos and can be a photo slideshow that makes the flipping book shopping catalog more vivid;

Add Button from Resource: Flipping Shopping Catalog provides you many Pre-designed functional buttons and you can set the operation or import your own buttons.


4. Convenient Toolbar:


(1). Insert book logo and logo URL on title bar;

(2). Select position of the page number box;

(3). Show the home button and insert page URL;

(4). Insert the about and help content files and show the buttons;

(5). Put watermark on flash catalog when readers print the book;

(6). Insert download URL for readers to download;

(7). Insert sound file and pick the sound loop to accompany readers to view the book;

(8). Set the search highlight color and least search characters as you allowed the search button;

(9). Show share button and insert email subject and email body to email share;

(10). Once you show the social share button, readers can easily share your flash catalog via Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo and Google, etc;

(11). Show the auto flip effect from the very beginning;

(12). Pick language to the toolbar that multiple languages can be chosen and switchable;

(13). Put advertisement on left and the book on the right;

(14). Pick bookmark or thumbnail as the initial show;

(15). Embed background files and pick the background colors;

(16). Adjust the page size;

(17). Apply hard cover to the flash catalog;

(18). Insert password to protect the catalog;

(19). Add Minime Style to show flash catalog without toolbar;

(20). Add Google Analytics to support the catalog;

(21). Save and download your publication.


5. For Your Readers:


(1). Auto flip pages as readers opened the book;

(2). Drag the page corner to flip pages;

(3). Click shadow to flip pages;

(4). Single/double page view;

(5). View flash catalog in full screen;

(6). Convenient buttons to read catalog, like: previous, next, first and last;

(7). View flash catalog repeatedly;

(8). Print the flash catalog to read as real book;

(9). Download to your own PC;

(10). Zoom in /out to get the fit size;

(11). Share book via email or social share via hot medium, like: Facebook, Twitter, etc;

(12). View flash catalog as slide single pages mode on iPad, iPhone and Android-power devices;

(13). Turn on or turn off the sound;

(14). Use thumbnail to navigate;

(15). Search the whole flash catalog.