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Flipping PDF Professional

Professional flipbook create software with multiple features!


Flipping PDF Professional is useful and professional PDF to flipbook converter software with many powerful features integrated. In Flipping PDF Professional, you can edit pages with inserting video, sound, YouTube, images, links and so on. The converted flipping book can be read on PC, Mac and mobile devices, also can be shared via email and social networks easily.
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1. Page Edition:



Flipping PDF Professional is professional flipbook software offers you powerful page edition tools, which helps you to easily insert video, sound, YouTube, images, links and printable areas into imported pages. Besides, you can add page, delete pages and move pages freely. Just use these wonderful page edit tools to make your flipping book rich in content.



2. Command Line:





Besides single and batch conversion modes to convert PDF files to page flipping books manually in the program interface, Flipping PDF Professional also provides Command Line mode to help you to automate the creation of the flash page flip book without opening the Windows desktop application at all. Make your conversion more easier and faster with using the command line.




3. Customizable Toolbar:




The toolbar is customizable in Flipping PDF Professional, you can design toolbar button icons yourself, set color and font type for the buttons, show or hide the functional buttons on the toolbar, like Download, Search, Share, Auto Flip, Bookmark, etc. You can even add new functional buttons into toolbar to call other actions as you want.



4. Password Security:


security_flipping_pdf_proIf you want to profit from your flipping book, or you don't want to totally open your book to everyone, you can add security password while creating book with Flipping PDF Professional. Then readers need to type right password to read your publication. The security password can add to protect all pages or just the rest part except some front pages.





5. Multiple Languages:




Flipping PDF Professional provides you different languages to be applied to the toolbar tips of your flipping book, and you can edit your own language or tips for your books specially. Moreover, you can choose multiple languages and make the languages switchable so readers can switch languages easily by themselves.



6. Minime Style:




The Flipping PDF Professional offers you minime style flipping book which can be embedded into a small window of your website, still with page flipping effect applied, but no toolbar showing, readers can click on the book to enter into full screen of the book directly. You can define the width and height of Flash window to show the minime style book.



7. Reading Order:





The Flipping PDF Professional-flipbook software gives you a different functional setting of the flipping book. You can decide the reading order for your readers, then the flipping book can be read from right to left or from left to right, and the reading order changed according to your content and layout of your flipping publication.




8. Page Number for Menu and Body pages:





In Flipping PDF Professional you can set different page number types for menu pages and body pages specially. The Roman number is used to mark the front Table of Content pages, and the Arabic number is for the formal book content pages. The two formats number makes the whole flipping book neat and clear.




9. Google Analytics Supported:





Flipping PDF Professional integrated with Google Analytics will help to make marketing use flipbooks. With using the useful feature, Google Analytics will help you to monitor the geographical and language-speaking distribution of your visitors, exactly number of new visitors, the specific pages they visit the most and the source of Referrals. Just use the wonderful feature to make your publication as an efficient marketing tool.



10. Benefit from Flipping PDF Professional:





  • One-time Fee, Free Upgrading;
  • 30 Days Money-back Guarantee;
  • None recessive consumption;
  • Free royalties.





1. When Importing:

(1). Batch or single convert the PDF files into flipping book;

(2). Quick import 10 pages to preview;

(3). Import all pages or custom range pages;

(4). Set watermark to the flipping book and the watermark maybe a text or image;

(5). Choose page quality and size to the flipping book;

(6). Preserve the bookmark, links from the original PDF;

(7). Text can be search after enable search;

(8). Detect wide pages to show page in portrait or landscape orientation.

2. Individual Toolbar:

(1). Title bar:

a. insert book logo;

b. embed the logo URL;

c. write in the book title as a way to publicize;

d. put number box on top or bottom;

(2). Show the home button and embed the page URL in;

(3). Put the about button on the toolbar and insert the content;

(4). Buttons show or hide in the toolbar, like: Full screen, help, print, download, sound, zoom in, search, share, auto flip, and language switch;

(5). Insert the help content file, adjust the window size, and you can show the help file at first;

(6). Print with the watermark on to protect your flipping book and publicize your company;

(7). Sound file can be import and sound loops can be set;

(8). Search highlight color and least search character can be arranged by you;

(9). Write in the email subject and email body to realize the email share feature, and show the social share button to get more readers;

(10). Multiple language can be selected for the toolbar at the same time and they are switchable;

(11). Single page to view the flipping book like the normal digital book;

(12). Insert the Google Analytics ID to get information about your readers.

3. Beatify the Flipping Publication:

(1). The color can be separately set as: icon, button font, window font, bookmark font, search result, background, flash window color and color of mouse over link;

(2). Font can be different in button, window, bookmark and search result;

(3). Pick the icon file as SWF only to change the image of the icon;

(4). Set window initial show for the left panel;

(5). Choose file as the background;

(6). Set the page width and height and adjust the margin;

(7). Pick the hard cover to improve the visual effect of your flipping publication;

(8). Set password to protect your flipping book;

(9). Arrange the reading order from right to left or left to right;

(10). Make the preface numbered in Roman number and the content in Arabic.

4. Output the Flipping book in Different Formats:

(1). HTML: Online and offline show your flipping book;

(2). ZIP: E-mail to friends to share an elegant flipping book of you;

(3). Mobile Version: iPad, iPhone and Android mobile devices can view your flipping book only when you have the HTML and ZIP format flipping book had you give a check mark to make mobile version at the same time;

(4). EXE: PC can distribute your flipping book separately;

(5). APP: Mac accepts your flipping masterpiece naturally;

(6). CD/DVD: page flipping book can be shown on CD/DVD.

5. For Readers:

(1). Click mouse to flip pages;

(2). Drag the page corner to go to next page;

(3). According the help content to better handle flipping book reading;

(4). Type in the password to view all pages;

(5). Experience the high quality flipping digital book with hard cover;

(6). Flip book pages by click the shadow;

(7). Open links in the book;

(8). Zoom in to view the book more clearly;

(9). Auto flip to view flipping book like movie;

(10). Single page to view the flipping book

(11). Print the flipping book;

(12). Download to view the book on PC.