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Flipping PCL

Gorgeous software to create page turning book from PCL!

        Flipping PCL is easy-to-use PCL to page turning digital book converter. You can use the software to create animated Flash flipbook with different tyles PCL documents, PCL4, PCL5e, PCL5c, PCL XL(PCL6). Just use the wonderful converter to build fantastic digital publications, advertising catalogs, research presentation, product brochures and so on.

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Flash Player 10.0+

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1. Wonderful Flash Builder for PCL:



pcl_flipping_pclTo make PCL (Printer Command Language) more attractive and stunning, use Flipping PCL to convert the dull PCL4, PCL5e, PCL5c, PCL XL(PCL6) files to animaged Flash based page turning eBooks easily. You can use the Flash book builder to design unique style book looks with dozens of template settings, you can also output converted eBook in different formats, like HTML, ZIP and EXE.


2. Real Page Turning:




Flipping PCL makes the page turning flipbook which shows you the real page flipping effect. The page turning flipbook can be turned pages by click mouse, drag the page corner. And the shadow on pages gives you a more realistic feeling of reading the real book. Also the hard cover shows your page turning flipbook in high qualified.




3. Mobile Devices Supported:





Flipping PCL converts page turning flipbook that can be output in different format, when people making for the html and zip format flipping book, mobile version can be made at the same time. And the mobile version is specialized for iPad, iPhone, and Android mobile devices in single page mode.



4. Social Share:






Show the social share button, then readers can share your page turning flipbook via Facebook, Twitter, Google, Digg and Yahoo, etc. Various popular medium can be connected to your page turning flipbook.



5. Initial Show:




The initial show primarily considers your purpose to make page turning flipbook. When you put the flipbook on the right side, the left of the window can be the bookmark, thumbnail, picture or empty. And the initial show is a good way to advertise.




6. Comprehensive Custom Services:




FlippingMaker promises to provide customers the most comprehensive custom services. Every product of FlippingMaker is easy to handle with every step instruction, but you can still contact us when you're puzzled with any operations or better suggestions, we will reply you soon with intimate and constant services. We firmly believed that the biggest success comes from the satisfactions from customers.



7. 30 Days Guarantee for Quality and Satisfaction:




FlippingMaker seriously and sincerely promises the 30 days guarantee for quality and satisfaction for we pursue the quality of the flipping products since we existed. Besides, we endeavor to provide you high quality consumer services. From the day you pay for the Flipping PCL, you will automatically get a guarantee for 30 days that you can apply for a full refund if you have any dissatisfaction for the flipping maker you have bought.



8. Bonus for Customers:






  • One-time Fee, Free Upgrading;
  • None recessive consumption;
  • Free royalties.





1. Importing:

  1. (1). Import the single normal PCL document to convert, or batch convert PCL files into flipping book;
  2. (2). Preserve the hyperlinks, text and images of the original PCL;
  3. (3). Retain the bookmark of the original PCL;
  4. (4). Import all page, custom pages or quick import 10pages;
  5. (5). Select the page quality to your flipping book;
  6. (6). Import the PCL which the content is text based, enable search to convenient reading;
  7. (7). Detect the wide pages to present flip pages in landscape portrait orientation.

2. Special Functions:


(1). Switchable Toolbar Languages

Flipping PCL offers you multiple toolbar languages, and multiple languages can be chosen at the same time and can be flexible switched.

(2). Email Share:

Show the share button and write in the email subject, and insert a links which you uploaded your flipbook. Then readers can open the link to read or download.

(3). Social Share:

Show the social share button, then readers can share your flipbook via Facebook, Twitter, Google, Digg and Yahoo, etc. Various popular medium can be connected to your flipbook.

(4). Timeless View: The software is pay once, life-long using, so your flipbook flash from here would be free of charge, and once you published, readers can view it anytime.

(5). Zoom in/ out:

Flipping PCL allows you to show the zoom in button on the toolbar, so readers can easily handle the size of your flipbook flash pages with the mouse scrolling.

(6). Connect to Links:

The home button can be inserted a link, then readers can quickly find your homepage.

(7). Auto flip:

Regulate the flip interval and play count, then readers can view your flipbook flash automatically.

(8). Full Screen:

Click to show the flipbook flash in full screen.

(9). Thumbnail:

Let readers to view all flipbook flash pages or view their bookmarks.

(10). Single page:

For readers view the flipbook flash in single page and turn pages by scrolling the mouse.



3. Beatify the Flipbook:

  1. (1). The color can be separately set as: icon, button font, window font, bookmark font, search result, background, flash window color and color of mouse over link;
  2. (2). Font can be different in button, window, bookmark and search result;
  3. (3). Pick the icon file as SWF only to change the image of the icon;
  4. (4). Set window initial show for the left panel;
  5. (5). Choose file as the background;
  6. (6). Set the page width and height and adjust the margin;
  7. (7). Pick the hard cover to improve the visual effect of your flipping publication;
  8. (8). Set password to protect your flipping book;
  9. (9). Arrange the reading order from right to left or left to right;
  10. (10). Make the preface numbered in Roman number and the content in Arabic.

4. Multiple Output Formats:

  1. (1). HTML: Online and offline show your flipbook;
  2. (2). ZIP: E-mail to friends to share an elegant flipbook of you;
  3. (3). EXE: PC can distribute your flipbook separately;
  4. (4). The flipbook can be burnt to CD/DVD.