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Flipping Office Professional

Embed images, movies, YouTubes,links to flash page flip book!

    Flipping Office Professional is useful Office to Flash page flip book convertor with powerful page edit functions. You can customize book style with preset templates, and edit pages with lots of edit tools. The converted flash page flip book with stunning external and realistic page flipping effect can be viewed on PC, Mac and mobile devices.

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Flash Player 10.0+

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1. Multiple Insertions in Page Edition:




Flipping Office Professional is tool to make professional flash page flip book, and offers you the unique page edition that you can easily insert video, sound, YouTube, images, links and printable places in every single page. Those editions make your flash page flip book impressive.



2. Functional Toolbar Settings:




The toolbar decorates your flash page flip book, and you can show and enable the functional buttons on the toolbar. Besides, the color and font of the toolbar can be changed to better decorate and serve the flash page flip book.



3. Security with a Password:





Flipping Office Professional can protect the content of your flash page flip book with inserting password, all readers need to type correct password to get permission of viewing your flash page flip book. And you can also define the protect page range as the whole flash page flip book or just pages excluding some front pages




4. Command Line:




Besides single and batch conversion modes to convert PDF files to page flipping books manually in the program interface, Flipping Office Professional also provides Command Line mode to help you to automate the creation of the flash page flip book without opening the Windows desktop application at all. Make your conversion more easier and faster with using the command line.



5. Multiple Toolbar Languages:




Flipping Office Professional provides you different languages to apply to the toolbar of your flash page flip book. Usually you can choose multiple languages and enable the switch button; then these languages switchable, so readers can more flexible read the book.




6. Page Number:





Arabic and Roman is the two page number formats in Flipping Office Professional. The Roman number is used to mark the front pages, and the Arabic number is for the formal content pages. The two formats number makes the whole flash page flip book neat and clear.




7. Minime Style:




Minime style for you to embed in the window of your website and the width and the height of the minime window can be customized. The minime style is a simple small window which shows your flash page flip book without toolbar.




8. Reading Order:






The Flipping Office Professional gives you a different functional setting of the flash page flip book, you can decide the reading order for your readers, certainly according to your content and layout of your flipping publication.



9. Benefit from Flipping Office Professional:




  • One-time fee, free upgrading;
  • 30 days money-back guarantee;
  • None recessive consumption;
  • Free royalties.





1. Flipping Office Professional supports the following formats:


(1). MS Office (docx;*.pptx;*.xlsx);

(2). MS Publisher (*.pub);

(3). MS Infopath (*.xml;*.xsn);

(4). MS Visio ( *.vso);

(5). MS Compiled HTML Help (*.chm);

(6). PDF for Adobe PDF;

(7). *.ods for spreadsheets (OpenOffice);

(8). *.odt for spreadsheets (OpenOffice);

(9). *.odp for presentations (OpenOffice);

(10). *.odb for databases (OpenOffice);

(11). *.odg for graphics (OpenOffice);

(12). TEXT (*.txt); (13). RTF (*.rtf).


2. Output the Flipping book in Different Formats:


(1). HTML: Online and offline show your flash page flip book;

(2). ZIP: E-mail to friends to share an elegant flash page flip book of you;

(3). Mobile Version: iPad, iPhone and Android mobile devices can view your flash page flip book;

(4). EXE: PC can distribute your flash page flip book separately;

(5). APP: Mac accepts your flash page flip book naturally;

(6). CD/DVD: flash page flip book can be shown on CD/DVD.

3. For Readers:


(1). Click mouse to flip pages;

(2). Drag the page corner to go to next page;

(3). According the help content to better handle flash page flip book reading;

(4). Type in the password to view all pages;

(5). Experience the high quality flipping digital book with hard cover;

(6). Flip book pages by click the shadow;

(7). Open links in the book;

(8). Zoom in to view the book more clearly;

(9). Auto flip to view flipping book like movie;

(10). Single page to view the flash page flip book;

(11). Print the flipping book;

(12). Download to view the book on PC.



Here are some screenshots of version 2.0 below


Three steps to create flash page flip books from Office