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Flipping Image

Easy build competitive 3D Flash image galleries!

        Flipping Image is a magic convertor to combine images into 3D animated image gallery. The 3D Flash image gallery created by Flipping Image will show you realistic page flipping effect while turning image pages. Just design unique 3D image gallery to bring different reading feeling and experiences to your viewers.
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Flash Player 10.0+

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1. Batch Conversion:




Flipping Image allows you to convert your Image files to page flipping 3D Flash image efficiently. You can import multiple Image files into the program at the same time and convert them with the same template, output to a single or multiple page flipping 3D Flash images correspondingly. The batch conversion no doubt will make conversion more efficiency and save you a lot of time.



2. Customized Toolbar Settings:





The toolbar is a decoration of your 3D Flash image, and you can show the functional buttons on the toolbar or hide. And you can enable or disable the toolbar; if enable, the 3D Flash image can be shared with more friends and readers.




3. Share via Email:





Show the email share button and write in the subject, and insert a links which you uploaded your 3D Flash image. Then readers can open the link to read and download.




4. Page Number Box:




Arabic and Roman is the two page number formats in Flipping Image. The Roman number is used to mark the front pages, and the Arabic number is for the formal content pages. The two formats number makes the whole book neat and clear.



5. Print and Download:




In Flipping Image, print and download button can be showed on toolbar, and then readers can operate freely and quickly. Besides, the watermark can be inserted to the 3D Flash image, which can be a certain protection to your masterpiece for that readers print the book with your watermark.



6. One-time Fee, Free Upgrading:




Flipping Image is one-time fee product that you only need to pay for once and use it forever. Once you own it, thousands of 3D Flash image can you convert. And we promote the software timely, you can upgrade without any charge.




7. Benefit on Flipping Image:




  • 30 days guarantee for quality and satisfaction;
  • Intimate custom services;
  • None recessive consumption;
  • Free royalties.





1. Importing Operation:


(1). Batch or single convert the Images files into flipping book;

(2). Import almost all formats of images: JPEG/JPG/JPE, BMP/Bitmap, PNG, TIF/TIFF, PSD, PCX, JPEG2k/JP2/J2K, RAW, DCM/DIC/DICOM and more;

(3). Import images from Computer or digital cameras directly;

(4). Arrange page layout for image pages;

(5). Set widget Frame and Text for pages.


2. Individual Toolbar:


(1). Insert book logo, embed the logo URL and write in the book title as a way to publicize;

(2). Show the home button and embed the page URL in;

(3). Put the about button on the toolbar and insert the content;

(4). Buttons show or hide in the toolbar, like: Full screen, help, print, download, sound, zoom in, search, share, auto flip, and language switch;

(5). Insert the help content file, adjust the window size, and you can show the help file at first;

(6). Print with the watermark on to protect your flipping book and publicize your company;

(7). Sound file can be import and sound loops can be set;

(8). Search highlight color and least search character can be arranged by you;

(9). Write in the email subject and email body to realize the email share feature, and show the social share button to get more readers;

(10). Multiple language can be selected for the toolbar at the same time and they are switchable;

(11). Single page to view the flipping book like the normal digital book.


3. Useful Output Formats:


(1). HTML: Online and offline show your 3D Flash image;

(2). ZIP: E-mail to friends to share an elegant 3D Flash image of you;

(3). EXE: PC can distribute your 3D Flash image separately;

(4). The 3D Flash image can be burnt to CD/DVD.