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For Windows 7, Vista, XP

Flipping Image for Mac

Collect images to elegant page turning albums on Mac!

        Flipping Image for Mac is a high-qualified convertor to collect images into elegant page turning alaums on Mac. You can decorate the animated albums with frames, decorations, backgrounds, sounds and so on. The created digital albums are easy to share after publishing online via email and social networks.

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(For Windows 7, Vista, XP here)



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1. Supported Mac Devices:




Flipping Image for Mac is Image to flipbook Mac software which naturally runs on Mac devices, Mac OS X Leopard, Mac OS X Snow Leopard and Mac OS X Lion, etc. Moreover, the Mac version program provides you efficient and wonderful conversion mode for you to customize your own page turn flipbook Mac.



2. A Collection of Images:




Flipping Image for Mac is a wonderful image album maker for Mac designers. You can easily and quickly import images, use pre-designed frames, decorations, backgrounds to beautify imported images, and then output to page flipping albums. Viewers can flip the images like viewing real albums by dragging page corner.




3. Customized Background:




The background can be customized in the Flipping Image for Mac, you can select color and file for your flipbook Mac. And you can adjust the shadow size as it is a part of background. In addition, the toolbar also be a kind of decoration of the page flip book, so you can pick color and insert button files to custom the toolbar



4. Flexible Share Online:





Share published digital album is very easy and flexible. All your album viewers can easy share through email and social networks, like Google, Yahoo, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Your published albums will be easy reach on if viewers share them via the popular social sites.




5. Different Output Formats:




The flipbook Mac you made from Flipping Image for Mac can be output in different formats: HTML and App. HTML allows you to upload and be viewed online, Mac Application is executable application can be run on Mac.




6. One-time Fee, Upgrade Totally Free:




Once you pay for the Flipping Image for Mac, the software will belong to you forever, and you can freely use the software to convert all your images into flipbook Mac. No any recessive consumption, so you can use the software without any pressures. And you can upgrade your software timely and freely.



7. Intimate Custom Services:




FlippingMaker promises to provide customers the most comprehensive custom services. Contact us when you're puzzled with any operations or better suggestions, we will reply you soon with intimate and constant services. We firmly believed that the biggest success comes from the satisfactions from customers.




8. Benefits:





  • 30 Days Guarantee for Quality and Satisfaction;
  • Custom services;
  • None recessive consumption;
  • Free royalties.






1. Easy and Quick Importation:

(1). Pick and import the prepared Image documents to make flipbook Mac;

(2). Pick a template and theme to your flipbook Mac.

2. Buttons on Toolbar:

(1). Show control tools, like: home, full screen, help, and share buttons, then readers can easily control book;

(2). Insert home page URL to let readers open a new link;

(3). Import the help content file and adjust help window size;

(4). Pick the print watermark and enable readers to print the book;

(5). Embed the download URL and enable to download;

(6). Select a sound file and set the sound loops if needed;

(7). Enable zoom in to view the book clearly;

(8). Insert email subject and links of the email body to realize the email share;

(9). Social share the page flip book with hot medium: Facebook, Twitter, Google and Yahoo, etc;

(10). Beautify the page flip book by changing colors of button icons, icon fonts, window font and background, also the font of toolbar can be customize;

(11). Arrange the book position by adjusting the book margin, page shadow and book start position;

(12). Pick reading order: right to left or left to right, it is up to your book language and reading custom of you;

(13). Apply Roman number to the preface and Arabic for the content.

3. Background Config:


(1). Background color can be picked;

(2). Color Gradient Angle can be changed;

(3). Background file inserted;

(4). Background position can be modified;

(5). The color of bar, thumbnail background and page background can be different selected;

(6). Page width and height can be adjusted;

(7). Page Shadow can be changed;

(8). Also the Page Shadow Opacity can be altered;

(9). Flipping time set to better satisfy you;

(10). Start page number of Roman and Arabic can be both set;

(11). Color when mouse over a link can be selected;

(12). Link Alpha can be revised;

(13). Open the links in a Blank new window or in the opened window as a Flash;

(14). Allow or prevent opening the links after Zooming in.


4. Multiple Formats to apply on Mac, mobile and PC:

(1). Html: Online shows the flipbook Mac;

(2). App: Executable application runs the flipbook Mac on Mac;

(3). Mobile version: An html flipbook Mac which can be run on Android mobile devices and show flipping book as slide single pages.