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Flipping DjVu

Create flash book easily from DjVu files with realistic page flip effect!

Flipping DjVu is wonderful software to convert DjVu files to flash book easily with realistic page flip effect. You can output page flip flash book in different formats for readers view your eBook anywhere, especailly output in HTML and publish online. Readers can share your published flash book with more and more people via email and social networks.
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Flash Player 10.0+

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1. DjVu to Flash Converter:




As an alternative to PDF, promising smaller files than PDF for most scanned documents, the DjVu can be color magazine, black and white technical and ancient manuscripts. And now, Flipping DjVu can help to convert the DjVu magazines into page flipping Flash eBook, with stunning background, customized features, etc.



2. Toolbar Language:





In Flipping DjVu , the toolbar can be customized, and more incredible thing is that the toolbar languages can be chosen, edited and switched. To make your book easy read by different languages speakers, you can use the Language Edit feature in Flipping DjVu , choose language types you want to show for the Flash book tips, you can even add and edit other language as you want.



3. Batch Conversion:



Flipping DjVu allows you to convert your DjVu files to flip flash book efficiently. You can import multiple DjVu files into the program at the same time and convert them with the same template, output to a single or multiple Flipping Ebooks correspondingly. The batch conversion no doubt will make conversion more efficiency and save you a lot of time.



4. Real Page Flipping:



Flipping DjVu makes the flash book that shows you the real page flipping effect. The flash book can be turned pages by click mouse, drag the page corner. Moreover, the shadow on pages gives you a more realistic feeling of reading the real book. Also the hard cover shows your page flip flash books in high qualified.



5. Various Templates and Themes:




Flipping DjVu offers you four different templates, Classic, Float, Neat and Spread provides different toolbar, layout, features, and each template provides various themes with different background and color settings for you to beautify the digital flip publications within seconds. More themes will be published online later.





6. Social Network Supported:




Social Networks supported in the Flipping DjVu software, offers you and all book readers a new and efficient way to share and distribute information in your published eBook. And you can not only send your flipping book to other readers, new clients and business partners though email, but also via Google, Yahoo, Facebook, Twitter and many other sharing networks.



7. Google Analytics Inserted:



In Flipping DjVu, Google Analytics feature can be integrated with your flipbook. With using the useful feature, Google Analytics will help you to monitor the geographical and language-speaking distribution of your visitors, exactly number of new visitors, the specific pages they visit the most and the source of Referrals. Use the effective data to make your publication as an efficient marketing tool.



8. 30 Days Guarantee for Quality and Satisfaction:



FlippingMaker seriously and sincerely promises the 30 days guarantee for quality and satisfaction for we pursue the quality of the flipping products since we existed. Besides, we endeavor to provide you high quality consumer services. From the day you pay for the Flipping DjVu, you will automatically get a guarantee for 30 days that you can apply for a full refund if you have any dissatisfaction for the flipping maker you have bought.


9. Benefit on Flipping DjVu:



  • One-time Fee, Free Upgrading;
  • Intimate custom services;
  • None recessive consumption;
  • Free royalties.






1. Importation from DjVu:

(1). Preserve the hyperlinks, text and images of the original DjVu;

(2). Retain the bookmark of the original DjVu;

(3). Import all page, custom pages or quick import 10pages;

(4). Select the page quality to your page flip flash books;

(5). Detect the wide pages to present flip pages in landscape portrait orientation;

(6). Import several DjVu files to batch convert into page flip flash books.


2. Various Insertions:

(1). Insertion of Hyperlinks:

Logo, book title and home button can be added a hyperlink. The download button can be embedded a hyperlink which you have uploaded the page flip flash books. And the hyperlink may publicize thoughts of you and your company.

(2). Insertion of Pictures:

Pictures can be inserted as background files or watermark when convert page flip flash books. The pictures should be images or SWF format.

(3). Insertion of Sound:

Add sound to the page flip flash books as the background music. Which always you can promote your emotions with sound inserted.

3. Powerful Share:

(1). Email Share:

Show the share button and write in the email subject, and insert a links which you uploaded your flipbook flash. Then readers can open the link to read or download.

(2). Social Share:

Show the social share button, then readers can share your flipbook flash via Facebook, Twitter, Google, Digg and Yahoo, etc. Various popular medium can be connected to your flipbook flash.

4. External Changes:

(1). Change the template;

(2). Pick a theme;

(3). Insert background file;

(4). Show toolbar buttons like: language switch, zoom in/out, auto flip, full screen, thumbnail, single page, print and download;

(5). Select the button colors, font colors and the font of the button.

5. Useful Output Formats:

(1). HTML: Online and offline show your flipbook flash;

(2). ZIP: E-mail to friends to share an elegant flipbook flash of you;

(3). EXE: PC can distribute your flipbook flash separately;

(4). The flipbook flash can be burnt to CD/DVD.