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Flipping Album

Page-turning Album Creator with various build-in decorations!


      Flipping Album is wonderful flash album creator to build stylish photo albums with page turning effect. It is ideal software for factories, Publishing, Government and Education to create attractive flip page album. No coding technology required, just use the program to decorate your images and build digital album, configure the look & feel and hit the publish button at last. Enjoy the realistic page turning effect for digital albums.
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Flash Player 10.0+

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1. Realistic Page Turning Effect:




Flipping Album is a flipbook maker that brings you the real page turning effect. The flip page album can be turned pages by click mouse, drag the page corner. And the shadow on pages gives you a more realistic feeling of reading the real book. Also the hard cover for the flip page album makes your flipping book high quality.



2. Various Decorations and Templates Build-in:




Flipping Album automatically provides users various decorations and templates for publication. When create flip page album, you can add various build-in decoration such as background images, clipart, outline effects, text dialogue window and frame. As you publish to flip page album, there also provides various free build-in template to change flipping album style. Easy to creates flipping album and makes it more attractive.



3. Password Protection:




Flipping Album can protect the content of your flip page album with inserting password, all readers need to type correct password to get permission of viewing your flip page album. And you can also define the protect page range as the whole flip page albumor just pages excluding some front pages.



4. Mobile Devices Supported:




Flipping Album converts flip page Album that the flipping book output in different format, when people making for the html and zip format flip page Album, mobile version can be made at the same time. And the mobile version is specialized for iPad, iPhone, and Android mobile devices.



5. Social Networks Supported:




Social Networks supported in the Flipping Album software, which offers you a new and efficient way of sharing and distributing information. You can use it for your flip page album publications with the built-in easy-to-use sharing interface. So you can send flip page album to your readers, new clients and business partners though your web-site or via Google, Yahoo, Facebook and Twitter. And you only need to publish your flip page album on those web-sites they often view.



6. Google Analytics Supported:





In Flipping Album, Google Analytics embedded in your flip page album. And the Google Analytics enables you to monitor: geographical and language-speaking distribution of your visitors, exactly number of new visitors, the specific pages they visit the most and the source of Referrals. And then gives you a more effective data report for dealing with your clients and business partners.



7. Benefits on Flipping Album:




  • One-time Fee, Free Upgrading;
  • 30 Days Money-back Guarantee;
  • None recessive consumption;
  • Free royalties.




Impressive flip page album made by Flipping Album:


1. Album Create interface:


(1). New pages on editing page interface;

(2). Insert your own photo into pages, supported format including gif, png, jpg, bmp etc;

(3). Decorate pages with build-in or download background;

(4). Add / Delete pre-designed Frame, Clipart, Outline to design pages;

(5). Insert editable text box and input text content in text box;

(6). Save designed images with jpg, png, bmp, or tiff format on PC;

(7). Print out or send your designed images to others via Email.

2. Various Output Formats:


(1). HTML: Online and offline show your flipping book;

(2). ZIP: E-mail to friends to share an elegant flipping book of you;

(3). Mobile Version: iPad, iPhone and Android mobile devices can view your flipping book;

(4). EXE: PC can distribute your flipping book separately;

(5). APP: Mac accepts your flipping masterpiece naturally;

(6). The page flipping book can be burnt to CD/DVD.

3. Customize Toolbar:


Flipping Album is personal flipping book maker, and you can customize the toolbar of the book, when show these buttons in the toolbar, you can:

(1). Title bar:

Write in the book title and insert links and book logo to publicize;

(2). Home Button:

Insert homepage links and the link can be opened by readers;

(3). Full Screen:

Show the button then your readers can better view the flip page Album publication;

(4). Help Config:

Show the help button and insert content, then readers can view the help content when opening the book or click the help button on the toolbar;

(5). Print:

Show the print button then readers can print your flipping book, and also you can allow to print with watermarks on;

(6). Download:

Enable to download and insert the download URL to let readers download;

(7). Sound:

Enable sound, choose a sound as the background music and set the play loops, then readers can experience the effect you want to show;

(8). Zoom in:

Enable zoom in, then readers can view the page in suitable size and scroll the mouse to control the size of zooming in page;

(9). Search:

Enable search, set the least search keywords and search highlight color, then readers can easily type the keywords and quickly find the concerned content in highlight color;

(10). Auto Flip:

Enable to auto flip pages, and select the interval and play count; also readers can view the book with auto flip from the very beginning;

(11). Thumbnail:

Preview the whole flipping book in the thumbnail window;

(12). Single Page:

Change the flip page Album publication to books in single pages;

(13). Reading Order:

Consider the reading custom of the most part of your readers, then you can choose for them reading book from right to left or left to right;

(14). Flipping Time:

Set the page flipping time in seconds, then readers can flip one page within the flipping time to better feel the flipping page effect;

(15). Page Number:

Roman and Arabic for special part from beginning and the after content to divide the content;

(16). Minime Style:

Small window of flipping book for you to insert in your website;

(17). Google Analytics:

Insert the ID and you can get more information from the reflection of your readers to make better flipping book.

4. Stunning Appearance:


(1). Color: all icon, button font, window font, bookmark font and search result font color can be individual set;

(2). Font: button, window, bookmark, search result font can be decided by you;

(3). Book Position: be in center or on the right of the window, then the rest part for advertising or other uses;

(4). Initial Show: when you put the flipping book on the right side, the left of the window can be the bookmark, thumbnail, picture or empty;

(5). Background Color: set two different colors and the gradient angle to beautify the flipping book;

(6). Background File: pick an image or SWF from computer and choose the exact place;

(7). Book Proportions: set the width, height and the book margin;

(8). Page Shadow: settle the quantity and the opacity;

(9). Hard Cover: give readers a more real feeling of flipping page effect and good quality of the book;

(10). Links: modify the mouse over color and link alpha, and let your readers open the link in a new blank window or in the same window of flash.


5. Switchable Toolbar Languages:


Flipping Album offers you multiple toolbar languages, in order to get more readers. And the humanized language design that consider different language-speaking readers. And multiple languages can be chosen at the same time and can be flexible switched.


6. Email Share:


Email share is a quick way to share flipping book to others. Show the share button and write in the email subject, and insert a links which you uploaded your flipping book. Then readers can open the link to read or download.

7. Social Share:


No matter Facebook, Twitter, Google, Digg and Yahoo all popular medium can be connect to your flipping book. And readers can share the html to commend to other friends.