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Free Flipbook Software for eBook Creating

As the technology society develops, digital publication becomes the mainstream of the publication industry. Many designers want to develop high-quality software to cater to the market trend, so does the designers of Fliphtml5. Then Fliphtml5 becomes one of the leading flipbook software in the market, and reaching its peak in those days. Fliphtml5 is recognized as powerful software to create various forms of publication: ebook, digital magazine, look book, annual report, online catalog etc. One can see more demos on the website.



Page Editor

The flipping book created by Fliphtml5 can be very colorful through the page editor. The content not only can be presented in the form of text, but also presented with other multimedia factors. YouTube video, Vimeo video, and also videos from local computer can be embedded into the pages, audio, hyperlink, hotspots, sound, slider, photo gallery, flash…even the shopping cart, all the elements helpful for the content presenting you can imagine can be found in this powerful page editor. Besides, movie and hyperlink are also available in this page editor. One can add/delete pages if he/she wants, too.


page flip book maker


Password Protection

For some confidential reasons, the flipping book needs to keep secret. Sometimes not all the page content can be seen by the public, for some may involve the copyright or other morality problem, in this case, the ebook need to add a password. In Fliphtml5, users can find the password in the interface, which allow users to add password for certain pages, or lock the whole ebook if necessary.


page flip book maker

Custom Interface Language

There is also a special consideration for the foreigners – the interface of creating can be switched to different languages. English, Chinese, French, Spanish, Germany, Japanese…generally, all these widely used languages around the world can be found in the language option. Foreigners can choose their mother language or comfortable language to finish their creation.


page flip book maker