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May I Upload My Flipbook Via the Software?

Q: I want to share my flipbook to my friends but I have no website which I can edit the HTML, then how can I publish the flipbook online, I guess you have any ways to upload the book?


A: The new released flipbook software has the feature to upload your flipbook, and you can upload your flipbook with using the Flipping PDF and Flipping PDF Professional, and I will show you the details:


1. When you finished the conversion, you can easily upload your flipbook.




2. You should sign up by " create new account" or use the registered account, and you can keep the software remember your password, then you can more convenient to use the upload function.



3. Fill the book title and click the "publish now" button, your flipbook will be published to our server;



4. Click the "Manage online books" to share, hide or delete your flipbook.




If there are any other questions you can contact the support center. Thank you!