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How Can I View Flipping Book on Mac?

Q: I purchased Flipping PDF, the instruction tells me I can view flipping book on Mac, I convert but I can't. why?


A: Flipping PDF offers you App format flipping book that is specialized for Mac, please check your output format, also you can convert different formats flipping book below:


1. HTML: you can choose html format, and then you can convenient check the flipping book on PC or quickly upload your flipping book to your web pages;(you should upload all the files of html for normal operation on your website)

2. ZIP: when you choosing zip format, you can easily transform the flipping book to your friends or customers via E-mail;

3. Mobile version: as you choosing any of the zip or html format, mobile version output at the same time, and you can view your flipping book as slideshow on Android supported devices or iPhone, iPad...

4. EXE: it is a perform file that you can separately view your flipping book on PC;

5. APP: you can distribute your flipping book on Mac;

6. Burn to CD: means you can burn the flipping book to a disk and send to your friends as a physical media, also it can be a gift and a way to preserve your flipping book.